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About us

TreesnGardens is a professional, experienced and qualified tree surgery and gardening business run by husband and wife team, Anton and Michelle.

We undertake all types of tree surgery, gardening, hedging and ground clearance. Our speciality is combining all of these skills to offer a complete packaged service that gives our customers real value for money.

We both have many years experience working in arboriculture and horticulture. When we met we soon realised that besides the skills and experience we collectively had,  we both shared the same values and passions for customer service, the environment, wildlife and nature.  It was the perfect match!

We are based in Alcester, a small town just outside Stratford upon Avon.  We have lived in our current home for 5 years and spend all our free time outside enjoying our garden and taking care of our furry and feathered family.

We work really well together. Best of friends as they say!

We love others people’s gardens like we love our own.  We understand the beauty of being outside, enjoying the outside space. You can make your green space very special and unique. Sometimes, you just need to find your garden. That sounds strange, but what we mean is, sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees, literally!!

Your garden can be many things. It can be contemporary if that’s what you like, full of pots so you can barely move or just one tree that you can admire. That choice is yours, and we are very respectful of that. 

We have done garden clearances which have created space for people that they didn’t realise they had, reduced trees to bring light into a garden that was dark, planted borders to bring colour and textures, cut back overgrown hedges, shrubs giving more room . Whatever style of garden you have, what ever job we can help with, we will give you the best of our experience and knowledge.

We understand that it isn’t just about getting the job done! It’s the care and respect round getting the job done. Being responsible and honest. Taking care of others people’s treasures.

We love talking about trees and gardens, so please talk to us about your trees and gardens! How can we help make your green space a nicer place to be in? How can we help transform your garden? What advice do you need? Always happy to come and take a look, quote for the work with no obligation! We are very clear in what we propose to do and how we will go about it, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Please call us now for a chat on 01789 601 321 or 07523 011 488. 

Michelle and Anton
Professional Hands, Green Fingers

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